The Proven Process: How Do We Help You?

The Kik Dental way is our proven process, tried, tested and refined over many years, which allows us to deliver amazing levels of care and service to our patients. It is based on three key concepts:


  • Understand each patient’s specific wants and dental objectives and give them what they need.
  • Use the latest technology to research insurance benefits and financial status in order to make dental care affordable.
  • Examine each patient. Develop a treatment approach that meets their needs and objectives.


  • Ensure patients understand their insurance coverage, financial information and options.
  • Ensure patients understand the difference between mandatory, elective and cosmetic treatment.
  • Full patient understanding of the indications for treatment and why they are needed.
  • Ensure understanding of how treatment can be phased to fit their wants, needs and budget.
  • Ensure full patient comfort with the process, helping them know they are never being pressured or hard sold anything, and that they have the ultimate say over what treatment they receive.


  • Efficient, organized appointing process for the delivery of care.
  • Ensure that patients are promptly seen for their visit at the appointed time.
  • Highly proficient team members to ensure that treatment is efficiently completed.
  • Ensure that patient check-out from treatment is quick and organized and that future appointments are conveniently scheduled with electronic communication reminders.
  • Precise coordination of insurance benefits with scheduled treatment.

To learn more about our dental care in Boise, Idaho, and how our dentists, Dr. Scott Morrell and Dr. Maribel Morrell, can help you with your smile, contact our office at 208-342-3440 today.

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